When I was first trying to get back in shape I needed to start at square one. I’m talking really basic stuff.  The following resources are videos, web sites and apps that I’ve used or am currently using on my journey to rediscover my inner athlete. They’re listed chronologically in the order I discovered and used them. If you’re looking for posts about my training experiences, look through the relevant categories on the left side navigation bar.

The yoga video I couldn’t do when I first realized how out of shape I was in February of 2012. This had been my go-to video for light exercise but I couldn’t last 5 minutes. It humbled me enough to search for basic beginner workouts.

I started my road back to fitness with the 7 Day Boot Camp at Spark People. Each video is only 10 minutes. This is definitely a beginner workout but I was surprised by how tough the it felt and I was further humbled to find something more basic still. These videos and others are found on their free website.

The You: On a Diet Beginner workout is the true beginner workout I was looking for. This is basic. Really basic. I was able to move beyond the beginner video after less than two weeks, but I really needed to start here. It was great for my ego to be able to accomplish a full workout video and it was good for my body to ease into fitness without overdoing it and hurting myself. The beginner workout can be seen free on Dr. Oz’s web site.

Once I finished the workouts above, I was ready to graduate to something more challenging. I still needed a beginner workout, but I was ready for something that would challenge me. I found Joy Bauer’s Slimdown Workout free on hulu but it doesn’t seem to be there now. This is actually 2 workouts with modifications to make it easier and more challenging. The focus is strength and cardio. As I improved, I did the workouts back-to-back. By the time I was doing both workouts with the advanced modifications, I was getting toned and feeling more fit and confident. The set is basic, the music not great and Joy and her trainer are a little corny, but this workout worked.

There are a ton of “Couch To 5K” training programs. They all are based on a combination of running and walking until finally you are able to run 5K without walking. I found the 5K Runner app for my iphone worked well. A friend with a Droid found something else. I advocate using an app since you don’t have to time yourself. The app tells you when to run and when to walk. There is no way I could have run more than 5 minutes without this app, let alone run 5K.

This company makes all sorts of fitness apps,  including a C25K app. I use their apps for abs, arms and legs that are amazing. Not only can you select your level, the time you want to workout and available equipment and the app will design a progressive workout for you. The apps are called Easy Abs, Easy Arms, and Easy Legs. They’re excellent.

A great resource for training programs, gear reviews, advice and more. It has a free training log, which I haven’t used but it looks excellent.

SWIM o to 1650

A swimmer’s mile is 1500 meters or 1650 yards. This is a great program, in the same style as c25k running, to work up to swimming a mile.

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