Swim on the Upswing

My swimming goggles

As I’ve written, my swimming hasn’t been great for the last two weeks, ever since I came down with a 4-day fever. But today things looked up. While my pace was really slow (2:15/100 meters), my endurance was up and I was able to complete 1,040 meters without resting. I’m feeling much more confident about my recovery in time for next weekend’s Danskin triathlon in Sandy Hook, NJ. I’ll do one more swim in the outdoor, 40 meter pool before it closes for the summer and one or two swims at my gym’s 20 yard pool before the race. I’m starting to get excited for it. We find out our bib numbers Thursday.

I’m so glad my friend and I signed up for this race. Instead of dreading the return to work/school this upcoming week, I’m looking forward to the race. And, since my birthday is the day before, I’m looking forward to kicking off a new year in a healthy way.


2 responses to “Swim on the Upswing

  1. I’m not the fastest swimmer either, and my approach for the OWS is to use it as a warmup for the rest of the triathlon. Since you can swim more than 1,000m comfortably, you’ll do great during a sprint-distance OWS!

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