US Open, Swimming, Running


US Open

A great day, with great friends, at the US Open

Two days ago I went for a swim. I had forgotten to take my asthma medication and it showed. The longest set I was able to do was 160 (it’s a 40m pool). After that I had to rest every 80m. I was frustrated and disappointed for about a minute until I put things in perspective: I hadn’t had a good night sleep in about 2 weeks due to fever and allergies; I forgot my asthma medicine. I went to the pharmacist, who suggested Benadryl at night and finally had a great sleep and woke up feeling (mostly) allergy-free. However, since I slept so well I slept right through my morning run and only had about 30 minutes before I had to leave to meet friends for the US Open. I figured I’d run in the evening.

Being invited to the US Open was a great surprise. A friend who I’ve known since childhood invited me to go along with her, her mom, her brother and her sister-in-law since her husband had to work and was unable to attend. His loss was definitely my gain. We had excellent tickets at Arthur Ashe Stadium thanks to my friend’s mom. We also enjoyed a smaller, but more exciting match at The Grandstand. I ate a delicious lobster role from Fulton Fish Market and bought a couple of souvenirs for my nephews, one of whom is a gigantic tennis fan. He was Roger Federer for Halloween last year (he was five).

Later that evening, after it cooled down slightly, I grabbed my iPhone and water bottle and went for a run. Week 7, Day 3 of Couch to 5k: 5 minute war-up, 25 minute run, 5 minute cool down. It was a beautiful evening. 78 degrees, 45% humidity and breezy. I started slowly but finished fast and ran the entire 25 minutes. Average pace was 11:24 (including 10 minutes of walking!).  Mile 3 average was 10:52! Total mileage? 3.1! The only other time I’d gone that far was at the 5k race at the end of June. Back then it took me 35 minutes of running (no walking) to go the same distance. I was so excited! Asthma medicine, a great night’s sleep, and allergy medicine made a big difference.



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