Curveball – Allergies and Asthma

Asthma medications

My asthma inhaler and spacer – which I sometimes forget to use.

I’ve been having a harder time working out these last few weeks. Since ragweed pollen began, I’ve needed to take asthma medication pre-workout, and there have been a few occasions when I’ve forgotten, only to remember when it was too late. I haven’t suffered any attacks, but my breathing has been more labored and my pace much slower.

In fact, my allergies were bad enough a few weeks ago that they caused (at least I think they caused) a fever that lasted about 4 days. The fever interrupted my sleep and I hadn’t gotten on track since. So yesterday I went to the pharmacist who suggested Benadryl before bed. It did the trick. I was out cold 20 minutes after I took it and slept 10 hours! Granted, I missed my morning run since I slept so late, but I feel better than I have in a long time and I think the rest will only help me moving forward.

Meanwhile, I had been feeling really strong a few weeks ago – great endurance and great pace – more than ready for the Danskin Tri next week and even thinking in terms of finish time rather than just a finish. But my strength and endurance plummeted after the fever hit and I was feeling rather discouraged. But now that I have a solid night’s sleep behind me and about 1.5 weeks ahead of me, I’ll do what I can to get back up to speed. However, I’ll put the focus back on finish rather than finish time.


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