Back on the Run Wagon


Women's running gear

Proper clothes and gear helped get me back on the running wagon.

August was tough for running. It was still hot, but not as hot as July so I decided to try running again. The longest I could go was 8 minutes. So, per the recommendation of a friend, I checked to see where 8 minutes fell in the C25K program and started again. This time around I had to repeat days pretty often. It took me four weeks to go through only two weeks of the program. But now the days are getting cooler and breezier (highs in the low 80’s), I have lighter and more breathable clothes, and I have my new handheld water bottle along with an arm band for my iPhone that doesn’t slide down my arms.

Yesterday I was able to go for 20 minutes without stopping!

Pictured above: Brooks shirt, Saucony shorts, Under Armour sports bra, Amphipod water bottle, Yurbuds Ironman Series iPhone arm band. Check the gear section for more info.


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