March Wrap-Up

By March I was ready for something beyond the most basic of beginner workouts. But I didn’t want to invest money in videos or a gym membership yet. So I searched hulu and netflix for more workouts. The workout that best suited me, even though it wasn’t the most beautifully produced, was “Joy Bauer’s Slimdown Workout” on The video is actually two twenty minute workouts that combine cardio and strength training. As I gained more endurance and strength I was able to do the video with the “advanced” modifications and ultimately I was able to do the workouts back-to-back.

I felt stronger, my posture improved, my endurance was much better (although the bar was set really low). And, while I didn’t need to lose weight (thanks to great genes and a speedy metabolism), I was getting much more toned.

This could have been a time where I lost motivation. At times the workouts were getting monotonous. However, I had a trip planned to Colorado and planned to spend some of it in my old stomping grounds of Vail. I figured I’d ski at least one day so I wanted to be strong enough to have fun even if I wouldn’t be at the same level of fitness as when I lived there. The trip proved to be great motivation. Anytime I didn’t feel like working out, I reminded myself that, even though I had made progress, my fitness and strength level was still low and I’d need to continue working out if I was going to have any fun skiing.


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