April started with 10 days in Colorado. I was surprised that less than 2 months of working out had paid off as much as it had. I hiked with a friend in Boulder and felt great. I hiked with another friend in Vail and felt fine. Even skiing (on telemark skis) went better than expected. I was able to keep up with my friends who, granted, weren’t skiing that hard or fast. But still, I managed to ski pretty much every part of the mountain that was still open. I love that soft, slushy, spring snow!

When I returned home I decided it was time to get more serious about fitness. I realized what a large part of my life being active was when I lived in Colorado and that I’d like it to be more central again. I was reminded that a large part of my decision to teach art was to make room for work, art and SPORTS. I forgot to fit the sports back into my life.

By the end of April, I decided to start running. After all, New Yorkers run. And if I wanted to make fitness a bigger part of my life, particularly my social life, I had to start running. It made sense – cycling, hiking, etc. were more difficult to do in the city and, since I had done these things before, my ego would still be bruised attempting them again since I wouldn’t be able to do them as well as I had for a long while. I had never been a runner, so I could only get better.

After researching beginning running programs online, I found the Couch 2 5k program. Since I had just purchased an iPhone, I downloaded one of the C25K apps and got started.


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