Day 2

Today is day 2 of my plan to get back into my formerly fit, healthy and athletic self. Yesterday I found a 7 day bootcamp on and did the Day 1 aerobic workout. I was feeling quite under the weather and only streamed the free, 10 minute video once. Since I wasn’t feeling so well, I later took myself out for a French Toast brunch. Not a great start to my journey towards fitness.

However, today I took my commitment more seriously. I did the Day 2, lower body workout on It was very short, but I was surprised by how weak my quads were. I then streamed the “You on a Diet Beginner Workout” that I found on YouTube. The workout is 20 minutes and was perfect for me. It’s definitely a little humbling to find a true beginner workout to be challenging, but it was easy enough that I’m sure I’ll be moving on to the intermediate workout soon. Since the workout didn’t include any cardio, I did some low-impact jumping jacks and marching in place for about 10 minute after. Overall, I spent 40 minutes between the 2 videos and my 10 minute cardio. Not a tough workout by most standards, but I felt it and I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s workout.

For breakfast today? Scrambled eggs.


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